Sunday, 24 February 2019


Hi guys,

today I wanna introduce to you another of the fascinating Baedeker Smart travel guides - New York*:

Baedeker Smart New York* - €15.95 

I've been the last time in NYC (which was my 2nd time in one of my fav' cities on earth!:)) back in 2014, which is now 5 years ago.... still I couldn't forget how bright,  rich in culture and timeless this  breathtaking place is!

I can only recommend to walk down the blocks (which can be quite long and exhausting!) instead of the tube/metro or a taxi! Your feet might start to hurt over few days of walking through the centre of NYC (Manhattan incl. Central Park and a part of Brooklyn) but so you will see hidden corners and places like a real New Yorker! But of course to see the whole Brooklyn district, Queens and Coney Island as well as Ellis Island, Jersey and Statue of Liberty you might need to take the tube or ferry!

The Baedeker Smart travel guide* for New York comes as well with many handy restaurant, accommodation and shopping advices as well as the historical part in front, which I personally find really interesting for places I've never been before, to read an all in one travel guide instead of googling for hours to get the most informations about the selected travel destination!

One of my fav' places in town is near the Central Park and Times Square - the Columbus Circle, located on the 8th Ave an heavily trafficked but still calm circle in the middle of the centre! I absolutely enjoyed taking my lunch on one of the benches or make a short rest while walking for hours within the city!

Central Park is HUGE! Most of us, who travel first time don't believe that u actually need a day just to walk around the whole park area! It's the main natural ground in the whole city! The "Green Lung" of the town and on many places you can find buildings, laterns and benches from the Victorian era - magical and definitely worth to least a part! - near the Columus Circle and new the legendary Hotel Plaza (visible on the picture above:)!).

The travel guide for New York* includes also on the last page a foldable map incl. this tube / center map, for walks through the town, to not get lost....tho there's a subway (tube) on every corner and you can always ask in shops, if you're not sure where exactly you are! New Yorkers are friendly, busy but willing to help - I in fact felt like in Europe, so this is probably the only city in the whole country, where you don't feel like in America....except in those traditional diners, fast food chains with ultimately oversized portions or stores....but otherwise it's pretty cosmopolitan flair all around!

Another wise advice is to check and book in advance a ticket to a concert at the legendary Madison Square Garden - for those who plan a trip to NYC during summer I can recommend the Madison Square Park, where many artists including Tom Odell already performed and it's cheaper!

The real Radio City Music Hall / The statue of George M. Cohan on Times Square

The food including sweets might not be the healthiest one, but their packaging and taste is incredible!:)

Oh dear I once had really long hair, and haven't had a clue, that I would soon move so many times including traveling..... well Times Square is my hotspot during early morning (6am) when there is almost no one around, just the street cleaning crew and few other will feel almost tiny beside all those bright shiny advertisements all around you and the big square:)!

Nothing starts without coffee....NYC is fast, the days are full and the locals rush from work to home - without a quick stop in one of the local independent traditional coffee houses you can't start or end up the day!

Greenwich Village/ West Village are my fav' corners to walk in Manhattan - it's more green and family / local orientated not much commercial going around, it's an expensive corner to live tho (even Sarah Jessica Parker lives or lived here!) but absolutely worth to visit and scroll around those beautiful blocks!

Go definitely and visit Dylan's Candy Bar, if the sweet tooth craves you and you just need an extra portion of sugar!:) Founded by Dylan Lauren, the daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren (which is also one of the main fav' designer brands....which I always try to find at TK Maxx or in Vintage shops, as I can't afford to buy it original brand-new prices:)) and appeared already in films/shows like: Arthur, Gossip Girl or Project Runway!

If you crave for a bit of Vitamin Sea, like I usually do after spending few days in the city - go to subway and take a trip to Coney Island:

Nathan's Hot Dogs are classic, as well as the whole beach-/boardwalk, Coney Island Cyclone, Wonder Wheel and Parachute Jump  !

It's one of the parts of NYC, where you feel like back in the 50s/40s - the pier walk is quite new (after  2012 hurricane Sandy, which has destroyed even the board walk!).

I can just recommend to visit NYC & for your first trip to this breathtaking city you should definitely check out the Baedeker Smart travel guide* for New York - includes wise advices, addresses and beautifully selected pictures of Big Apple!

(non-paid, sponsored post with the Baedeker Smart travel guides*)